Boobies ooolala and Jokes of the Day

So I decided I needed to get a new bra. Not my usual type of bra that pushes them sisters back up under my neck and adds a cup size while they are at it  and not the normal black or white pushup bras i usually go for.

Nope this time i went respectable. I serched VS high and low and found the perfect bra and fit to go with my new business clothing purches…then i went home and ordered it on line in just the color and size i wanted.

why not buy it in the store you ask? two words semiannual sale….

which reads like this….teenyboppers and boyfriends along for the show shoveling through every item in the store leaving it lookin like it got bombed.

hence the try on and run. So i order myself a lovely nude bra and no line showing thong  pantie item and at this point im thinking well okay its not the slutty black one i really wanted and its reallly not the corset that i had my eye on…but for the office it will do very I wait a week and whoohoooo! its in my mail box.

i run inside to try it on real fast and i love it…a little bit of lift, wont show under white, no problems with clingy clothing…over all they make the girls look respectable.

After taking the bra off Noah comes over and points at my chest then at the bra and says *boobies* with his excited voice.

followed by *i wear* sokay for fun i fit him up for it……

mind you while im doing this im lauffing my ass off , as he keeps saying boobies and grabbing the bra cups. The he runs from one side of the house to the other screaming boobies over and over and groping my very expensive vs bras cups.

after the second time he chest bupped the wall with my bra i had to snag it back.

he wasnt happy……his boobies yelling went from gleeful to mournful….so i told him he has his own boobies and he doesnt even need a bra for them….

that didnt cheer him up much so i told him he could have my old white one with the gel in it 😉 that way he can feel like hes grabbing something interesting when hes gots it on =P

so my new lovely vs bra got a damn good workout on its first day and it wasnt even from me……although……

when i got it off him it still looked fantastic, all the straps attached and shit so yay for vs quality!


ps check out my joke of the day! will add a new one every day so check back =D

also my time stamp is broke coz no way in hell i be up at 2 something in the am


Mah Art

kay so I have added some of my art to a new page =D check it out…point, laugh comment whatever…

also, if youd like me to do something custom just for YOU write and let me know, Ill do my best……

also will try and figure out how to have a cute theme and have all the artwork show…this was only one that didnt cut them off to fit.

National delurking day! *nudity warning!*

im pretty sure no one reads this but if you do check out this funny girls contest


also heres my newest piece…


can full view it here

weird cookies

Jay brought over some cookies and other various goodies today…

Noah being Noah HAD to have the cookies with the sprinkles.

okay…no biggie……..

after his second I’m thinking whatever I need some of them too so I try and pass off the weird cookie with the sesame seeds on it….wtf is with that anyways…

he takes a bite….I’m like whoohoo score one for  the mom….

oh hell no

he turns around with this horrified look on his face holds out the cookie and says


then calmly walks back to the pack of cookies and so I open it up and try to pass off a just as good butter cookie…hes like nonono until my hand slowlydrifts over the ones with sprinkles…he then proceeds to jump up and down yelling yes yes yes as cute as he can.

yeah….he totally got the last one with sprinkles…

them sesame ones tho…those are the ones doomed to sit in the pack while the others get eaten then after a week or two get thrown away

coz hell Noah eats plain Cheerios off the floor……

if he wont eat it I’m damn sure not gonna.


oh my friggan god could it be any earlier?

maybe it only seems early coz I was up every hour on the hour with random fucked up nightmares….or maybe it was from Noah screaching from his crib starting at 6 am….

in lue of original thought, here was one of my last posts on myspace.

ill try and come up with something new next time around….depending on the amount of sleep i get…

Sooo….true story
Its snowing like a bitch so I decide I’m going to go shovel the driveway.Normally this is NOT something i would do.
In fact, I don’t plann on doing it again
anyways about 7 my time
its dark out
if i let it sit it would be so heavy and deep by tomorrow,
it was already almost to my knees and deeper where them
mofo’ing plow drivers plowed it into my driveway and mailbox.
I’m out there, and first off, i just came from FL, we don’t own gloves and crapola..and i hadn’t a chance to get some soo…I’m wearing Noah’s lol
yes pitiful i know.
I’m also wearing my new uggz knockoff type boots which i ❤
I get out there, and son of a bit*h its COLD no lie and snowing like crazy.
I start over on the side of the driveway and….um HELL NO so I move to the front where we actually park and i start shoveling…and shoveling….
meanwhile Noah and my mom are in the window watching, hes sticking a blow-pop on everything in sight including her hair and shes waving and smiling at me whenever i look at her.
So first plow truck to drive by while I’m out there….hes reaaaal careful about not plowing all the snow from the intersection onto my driveway….
most likely coz i was standing there and he’d have to run me over to put that crap in my yard.
either way, i keep on shoveling….and shoveling…and I’m impressed with myself.
and truly in my mind I’m *i rock!! I’m am shoveling the hell outta this snow*
well im a smoker and even though I’m shoveling, I’m at this point freezing my tat-as off and stopping every 10 min or so to lean on the shovel and pant.
the next plow starts up the road…i hear the rumble and see the lights.
that shit crap for brains did not even slow down.
plus I’m standing not two feet from the curb.
This is the point where i scream *douche-bag you saw me standing here……wtf??*
I’m a comp geek my mom almost died after i yelled wtf. she plays EQ and that as in all games is well known.
Noah is yelling snow and help mom and when i yell at the guy…Noah,from the open window, yells matching my exact pitch and tone lol.
my mom is hooting and yelling “you tell em!”
my neighbor who is shoveling is just standing there looking at me while he throws snow around my mailbox……….
wtf.So i look at my mom laugh and say watch this.

i proceed…in my cords, uggz knockoffs and hoodie and Noah’s gloves (coz i don’t need no stinking coat) to climb through the snowbank i made getting my new now crap boots full of snow and do the whole fling myself back and make a snow angel thing.
yah this was fun and cute at like 5 when you had a snowsuit and ten layers and cant put your arms down all the way.
not so much at 30 in your casual FL cold weather gear.
plus…….since the snow was hella deep getting up was no easy feat. also i didn’t want to mess up my angel.
again my mom is howling with laughter as i ponder out loud
that was NOT the smartest thing for me to do.
funny…..but so not smart.
besides, i should have waited till i was DONE shoveling.
Of course, being in just a hoodie and crap i got snow all in my stuff.
By now I’m hollering at my mom that I’m freakin She-ra and the next plow guy who plows in my driveway is eating my shovel.
20 min later i finally finish, shovel off the steps, take another 20 for the mailbox and I’m freezing.
i run around to the back door, and coz im a tard, i strip outside so i don’t get snow on my floor coz I’m a freak like that and come inside. my hands and legs are purple…

2 min later my other neighbor starts up the snow-blower.bastard.

I’m never shoveling again.